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There are parts of the world that are experiencing hunger and poverty. There are young children who will never receive even a basic education. Vintage Productions have produced a number of documentaries that promote the vision of reaching out to the needy:

 “Xiao Yu Ling – A Blessed Heart.”  A docu-drama produced for the tuition sponsorship program of Cornerstone Association and San Jose Christian Alliance Church (SJCAC) depicting the needs of the young forgotten kids.

 “Vision With Passion.” A promotional video for SJCAC’s Vision 2000 program and endowment fund campaign to accomplish the mission on helping the needy and reaching out to the poor.

“Heavenly Love.” A documentary depicting the needs of young orphans in China.

Besides SJCAC and Cornerstone, Vintage Productions have also produced documentary works and promotional videos for Worldwide Bible Society and other non-profit groups.

“Journey of the Word.” A docu-drama on the history of translation of the Holy Bible from Hebrew to contemporary Chinese language.

Whether it is instructional or a dramatization, we can help define your project to make it manageable and suit your budget. A list of some of our clientele includes:

  • Worldwide Bible Society
  • Cornerstone Association, Ltd.
  • Tien Dao Christian Media
  • Partner International     
  • CCIC
  • Saratoga High School
  • Wonderland kids school
  • Simonds Elementary School

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